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  • Manna Pro Oyster Shell 50lb

    Manna Pro Oyster Shell provides a good source of calcium that builds strong eggshells for your birds. *OYSTER SHELL USAGE FOR CORN BURNING STOVES: Oyster Shell is recommended by some corn-burning stove manufacturers as an additive to promote clean burning, especially when the corn fuel is high in starch.

  • Farmers Helper Ultra Kibble 28 Oz

    Model: CS06331
    Farmers Helper UltraKibble 28 oz. is used to improve the sustainable practicesof Small Farmers, Back yard Hobbyists, Aviculturists and others who keep flocksof valuable fowl, by supporting birds' health, decreasing feed costs and streamlining maintenance.
  • Farmers Helper Original Forage Cake Supplement 13 Oz

    Model: CS08305
    Foraging is a natural behavior for birds, and Forage Cakes offer a supplemental diet that allows flocks to do what they do naturally Forage. Quality Ingredientslike salmon meal, dried fruits, seeds, grains and specially formulated UltraKibble are pressed into each cake. Helps make droppings less moist and hence easierto remove.
  • Farmers Helper Baby Cake

    A large percentage of chick starter ends up wasted and boredom often results in destructive feather pecking and cannibalism. Used together with your favorite daily maintenance chick starter, our Babycake Supplement brings the free range into the brooder. Designed to provide behavioral enrichment. Help optimize nutrition and minimize maintenance. Not designed for chicks younger than 14 days.